Gustavus, Wilhelm/William Würdemann, and Judge Gustavus Family Connection

Been trying to tie up some loose ends in the family tree.  There have been several noteworthy Würdemann family members that have been unconnected to the tree for a lack of any known family.  Recently four pieces of the puzzle came together.

Have been working with Don Wurdemann from Canada on his tree and […]

Gustavus Wurdemann, Surveyor, Tide Expert

Gustavus Wurdemann was commissioned by the Smithsonian Institute to perform coastal surveys in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. United States Coastal Survey. 1854-1858

List of Expeditions (Smithsonian and Non-Smithsonian), 1849-1877

He also submitted specimens to the National Anthropological Archives

United States Army Medical Museum Anatomical Section, Records Relating to Specimens Transferred to the Smithsonian […]