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Who are we? Where do we come from? These questions define the human experience. If you find yourself wondering how you became you, you might be interested in genealogy.

Learning about your ancestry is a great way to connect to your heritage. But keeping track of grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles to the nth degree can be bewildering. You need a family tree.

These free downloads can help you organize charts, photos, documents and lineages. They’re must-haves for anyone serious about genealogy.

Family Tree Legends – Here’s a sophisticated family tree organizer with a simple interface. It can import existing genealogy files. And it can copy your family tree to a CD or DVD for easy sharing.

You’ll also be able to create heirloom-quality charts, reports and books to print and pass on. Plus the program can automatically search for other Family Tree Legends users whose ancestry overlaps with yours. You can integrate with their trees.

There’s nothing more important in this world than your family. It’s an important task to document your family’s legacy.

If you’re the family historian, you might feel overwhelmed. After all, recording your family’s history is a big undertaking.

Family Tree Legends is a great tool that can help you. This family tree software makes creating detailed genealogies easy.

And Family Tree Legends helps you create more than just family trees. You can also use it to create family books and charts.

It will import your existing genealogy files. Plus, you can use it to copy your family history to a CD or DVD for sharing.

Family Tree Builder – Genealogy site MyHeritage offers a free download called Family Tree Builder. It pulls information from the MyHeritage Website to help you build your family tree.

You can also incorporate family photos and publish your tree online. Family Tree Builder has a feature called SmartMatching. This compares your tree with other MyHeritage users to find even more relatives.

Creating a family tree can be fun, but there are also frustrations. That’s especially true if you don’t really know a lot about your family history.

Fortunately, genealogy sites can help you find out more about your family history by finding your ancestors for you.

MyHeritage is one such genealogy site. And it offers the free Family Tree Builder program. The software pulls information from the website to help you build your family tree.

Additionally, it incorporates features like the ability to include family photos and get dedicated space online to publish your family tree. There’s a SmartMatching feature that compares your family tree with other MyHeritage users. This can help you find even more relatives.

You do need a MyHeritage account to use Family Tree Builder. It’s free to register, but some services require a paid membership. Additionally, there’s a premium version of Family Tree Builder. This version costs money but includes more features.

Dynastree – Here’s an exceedingly simple and fast way to get started on your family tree. Just follow Dynastree’s step-by-step instructions to build your ancestry chart. Start with yourself and branch out from there

You can attach photos, notes, nicknames, occupations and other important facts and documents. You’ll be able to save in several different file types, as well as import family trees in other genealogy-specific formats.

There’s something special about discovering your roots. Your ancestry may not be full of kings and heroes. But there are fascinating stories to be found. And they will tell you a little bit about yourself.

Diving into your family history can seem daunting. It’s tough to know where to start. Diagramming your family tree will help you get organized. And it’s easy to get started on your computer.

Dynastree lets you build a family tree in a flash. Start with yourself. And then branch out from there. Enter your parents and their parents. You can enter siblings, marriages, birthdates, death dates and more.

You can attach photos to each entry. You can also fill in tons of personal information. What was their occupation? Where were they born? Did they have interesting nicknames? And you can store great stories in the notes section.

Ahnenblatt – This program may be hard to pronounce, but it’s easy to use. Ahnenblatt is designed to be simple, intuitive, compatible and full-featured. It can understand most genealogy file formats.

You’ll be able to organize people in searchable family trees, auto-complete entries and include pictures. Just drag and drop files and pictures into the window. Then use the plausibility check to find mistakes in your data with a single click.

Genealogy is the study of family lineage and history. If your family has been tracking genealogy for a long time, you could have huge amounts of information to sift through.

Or maybe you’re just starting to learn about your family history. Either way, your computer is your best friend when it comes to organizing genealogical data.

One free program you might want to try is called Ahnenblatt. It’s a simple, user-friendly program for inputting your relatives into a database.

You’ll be able to organize people in searchable family trees, auto-complete entries and include pictures. Information can be exported in numerous formats and is compatible with other genealogical software.

My Family Tree – This family tree software has an attractive interface that makes your tree both easy to read and pleasing to the eye. You can use the map viewer to track your family’s movements over time.

My Family Tree organizes your ancestral information into timelines and statistics. It can analyze and display data on births, deaths, marriages and more. Export your family tree easily to your website or print and share.

To the uninitiated or the uninterested, studying genealogy can seem boring. It doesn’t help that most genealogy software looks bland and sparse.

But once you start digging into your roots, you’ll be hooked, I promise! And you don’t have to be confined to dull family trees. You can keep track of your ancestry using this user-friendly and attractive download.

My Family Tree is a free genealogy program available for download. It has a modern-looking interface that incorporates photos for a simple and aesthetically pleasing user experience.

Add pictures, videos, files and other attachments to each family member. Or use the interactive timeline to view family events chronologically. My Family Tree even has a map viewer to track your family’s movements over time.

This program organizes all of your family data into statistics. Analyze data on births, deaths, marriages and more.

When you’re done, you can upload your files to your website. Or you can print off your family tree and share it with your loved ones.

This program is compatible with the GEDCOM file format used by many genealogy programs. That means you can import your family tree or a relative’s.

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