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Würdemann family coat of arms as discovered in a chateau in switzerland

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Wurdeman, Würdemann, Wuerdemann

Germany - Switzerland - France - Prussia - Netherlands

Würdemann family coat of arms as discovered in a chateau in switzerland


Welcome to the Würdemann Official Home Page!

What is our real past? What have we found out? What can we put together?

Hello one and all!

After a very long absence, we have once again put the family tree back online. Since the time the family tree was hacked until now, the software were using became obsolete and we are now using a newer product called Webtree. We are just learning how to use it so please bear with us while we get the hang of it.

So much has been happening in the genealogy field, mostly advances in DNA data and new internet-based research tools. We have ordered additional DNA tests for the fraternal and maternal sides of our immediate family in addition to purchasing access to another site which will provide a lot of family documentation.


This web site has been made available to help gather in one location as much information on the Würdemann family tree as possible. One goal will be to determine if all Würdemanns around the world have a common ancestory, or if like other families, not everyone is related. (Editor: We have since found out through DNA testing that some branches of the family are not in fact related.) I would love to claim many of the creative and inventive Würdemanns around the world that made their mark on the world, but that might not be the case if we aren't all related.

Previously, the wurdeman.org web site contained very little information and a small photo gallery. This new site has been expanded to include the same photo gallery, but we have added a blog to encourage discussion and a family tree program that allows the ability to view and add family tree information in the GEDCOM standard format. Family members will be able to update and correct their own parts of the family tree making it a world wide effort.
Please sign up for the family tree and help with your branch!

The initial family tree, courtesy of William Ehlers, is based on the portion of the family tree that I am affiliated with, AKA the Nebraska contingent. My Great Grandfather Johann Heinrich Würdemann immigrated to Nebraska via Illinois, a Civil War, and Wisconsin from Germany. He also was the first in my lineage to Americanize his name to John Henry Wurdeman.

My quest is to add as much as we can to the tree going back in time, as well as forward to include all the newer family members. At the same time we will be adding other segments of the Würdemann family tree in hopes to connect all the pieces together. We would like representatives from various segments of the family to help us with their part of the tree. In my case I represent Edward Wurdeman from whom my middle name was obtained. Would be great to find all my other distant cousins involved in genealogy and get what we can put together. For those who can help, please stop by the Family Tree part of the web site and signup for access. Thanks!

Würdemann family crest, Governor, Chateau de Chillon, Switzerland - 1400s
Würdemann Family Crest - Wurdeman - Wuerdemann
Würdemann family crest obtained from Dr. Wurdeman, Seattle, WA 1936

In attempting to research the crest we obtained this information:

"The arms is not registered or granted in Germany.

Wuerdemann or Woerdemann is an old Westfalian or Northern German name. Wuerde is the dialect word for hill, the meaning of the name is "the man who is living on the hill". You see the arms is punning the name."

Regarding the hat the people on the crest are wearing, "It is an old type of hat (three-cornered-hat) worn by German farmers until the 19th century. Today it is a part of national costumes in Germany, Black Forest for example. You look frontally at one of the three brims. That is the reason why it looks similar to a Chínese coolie hat."

Source of information:
Michael Waas

Ancestory.com gives two potential sources for the name:

1. North German (Würdemann, also Würdemann): a topographic name from Middle Low German wurt ‘farm area’, ‘field’, ‘woodland’.
2. German (Würdemann): from a Germanic personal name formed with Old High German wirdi ‘dignity’ + man ‘man’.

Research done by Dr. Harry Vanderbilt Würdemann suspected the tree began with Balthasar Manns, 1754-1834 and John Heinrich Manns of Oberzel, Germany with this guess based on the number of Johann Heinrichs in our tree. However, the researching showing our family having the name back to at least 1630 means we couldn't have evolved from the Mann family in the 1800's. The only value this concept has is it justifies the second "n" on the end. The other explanations would lead you to believe the name would have ended in a single "n". I would encourage the discussion of this topic in the blog.
You might have noticed the motto on the Coat of Arms. It says "Sapere Aude” which is attributed to the 1st-century B.C. Roman poet, Horace. "Dare to know” is the usual translation but it is not enough. The Latin "Sapere” is more than "to know”-- Sapere is about wisdom. The road to wisdom is a journey, not a destination. Lets take that as a challenge to use our wisdom to obtain all we can about our worldwide family!
Note: We acknowledge our heritage is German and our forefathers all spoke German. I am unaware of the growth of the family in Germany, but there are many English speaking Würdemann family members and I don't speak German, so this site will be in English. A very small percentage of American Würdemanns speak German, but many Germans speak English. My hat off to them. (Mein Hut der hat drei Ecken)